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Announcing Attendify!


Since launching KitApps last June we’ve helped hundreds of conferences, expos and events go mobile quickly and affordably.  Your feedback and support has been tremendous! Thank you! 

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with event apps, that’s why we decided to change our name to Attendify and focus on making event apps more accessible and social.

Here’s an overview of what’s changing on April 2nd, detailed information is provided below:

  1. Our new website is launching April 2nd:
  2. All your data, apps and other information will be saved and moved over to Attendify automatically.  Your username and password will remain the same. 
  3. We’re launching a new social app into beta (see information below).
  4. Our prices have increased slightly.
  5. New Twitter account and Facebook pages

New Website:


Our new site will go live on April 2nd, currently is a temporary landing page with just a hint of what’s to come.  We’re excited about the new look and brand, our goal is to signal our strong commitment to the event industry and reach a larger audience of event companies who want turn key solutions tailored to their industry.

Your Account & Data:

Your login/password will remain the same, your account and apps will automatically be transfered to  If you’re currently working on an app, or have already published it for an upcoming event, nothing will change except the domain name you use to login to your account.  Starting April 2nd, you’ll login at to access your apps.  If you have any questions please email us at and we’ll get right back to you. 

Social App (Beta):


We’re very excited about our new social app which we’re launching into beta on April 2nd.  We’ve heard a lot of feedback and requests from our users to add social functionality to our apps that makes it easier for attendees to connect and share.  Some of the key features include:

  1. Event Timeline (Feed) - pulls in all the social content created at the event into a single timeline.  Read through the timeline just like you would your Facebook or Twitter accounts. 
  2. Profiles - everyone attending your event can create a profile and set an objective such as “looking for business partnerships” 
  3. Messages - the app features public and private messages to make it easier to break the ice and setup meetings. 
  4. Photos - take and share photos with other attendees right in the app.
  5. All the Guide App Features - all the guide features such as the schedule, speaker/sponsor/exhibitor profiles, maps, etc. are all available in the social app. 

More information will be available on the Attendify website as soon as it launches.  


Our pricing will also change as of April 2nd.  Since we launched the new social app there are now two pricing tiers:

  1. Guide App - $399/event/year
  2. Social App - $599/event/year

Prices include native iPhone and Android versions as well as a web app.  Currently the web app does not have social features, but they will be added soon.  

Our goal is to continue to improve both our Guide and Social app, making them more functional, simpler to build and keep prices affordable. 

Social Media:

We have new social media accounts, we’d love it if you followed, liked us! 

If you have any questions at all, please email us at and we’ll get right back to you.  Thanks again for all your support, we’re excited about Attendify’s future and can’t wait to share the other features and products we’re working on.  Stay tuned!

- Team KitApps/Attendify

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Why we’re starting with conferences & events

Deciding which business vertical to target first was no easy task, we debated the issue at length. There are compelling problems that mobile apps can solve in virtually any business, but ultimately we chose to focus on conferences & events. Here’s why…

Most of us have been to a conference and know what the experience is like: You show up at 8:30am half-awake with a cup of Starbucks to pickup your badge.  Along with the badge you’re handed a stack of papers with the schedules, speaker profiles, sponsor collateral, etc.  

Those pages are your only guide for the next 2-3 days. You’re stuck carrying them around everywhere you go, fumbling through them to figure out which session to attend next, and towards the end of day 2 you’ve probably lost a few copies, or is that just us? To put things mildly, the experience could be much better, especially since we’re all carrying iPhone or Android devices. 

For event organizers putting together a guide is an even bigger pain… Imagine making a schedule, printing hundreds of copies and then finding out that a speaker dropped out! That means you have to trash hundreds of pages, redesign and reprint… that’s expensive and wasteful. 

With KitApps event organizers can create a mobile app guide in around 30 minutes, complete with interactive schedules, speaker & sponsor profiles, Twitter feeds, maps, and more.  Best of all the content in the app can be updated instantly without resubmitting to the App Store.  

The potential of making the conference going experience better for thousands of attendees and organizers made the event industry a clear choice.  In the next few days we’re launch an updated version of our product; we’ll share all the details here, provide screenshots, etc.  Stay tuned!  

- Team KitApps. 

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It’s time to blog!

Welcome to the new KitApps blog! We’re excited to start sharing our journey, but before we get into the nitty-gritty lets start with a quick introduction:

A little over a year ago a small team of entrepreneurs, designers and technologists founded KitApps with the mission of giving small businesses a simpler and more affordable way to join the mobile app revolution.  

Intuitively we felt the need to democratize app making and unlock its potential for small businesses, but had no idea how to approach the problem.  We spoke to lots of small business owners and found that they were interested in apps as a way to market their businesses, but assumed it was difficult, expensive, and time consuming (they were right). 

We surveyed the market and found an emerging wave of mobile app making tools that promised simplicity and affordability, but rarely delivered.  Sensing an opportunity we settled on 3 core product principles:

  1. The app making process has to be dead simple and take approximately 30 minutes.
  2. Our customers must make money from the apps they make (or save money).
  3. The resulting apps have to be truly useful to end users… there’s already more than enough garbage in the App Store.

And so we got started; building, testing and refining a simpler, more useful app maker.  Recently we started rolling the product out and felt the timing was perfect to start blogging about the process.  In the coming days/weeks we’ll tell you all about KitApps, our plans for the future, and also a little about ourselves :-)

We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch anytime via comments, emails or tweets @kitapps.  

- Team KitApps.